Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scale Back Alabama?

Scale Back Alabama (SBA) is a wellness program to help Alabamians achieve healthy lifestyle behaviors and maintain a healthy weight. It is provided free of charge to adults who live in Alabama or work for an Alabama based organization.

When will SBA 2022 start?

There will not be a formal program with prizes offered in 2022. SBA is taking a “pause” to best redesign the program for future years to meet the healthy lifestyle needs of Alabamians and Alabama based organizations.

Will SBA provide any services in 2022?

Yes! Through the end of May 2022, SBA will be sending monthly emails with tips and resources to help Alabamians engage in a healthy lifestyle. These emails will include partner program events, recipes, and other relevant information to keep you on track to living a healthy lifestyle. If you would like to be added to the email list, please contact us at


Without a “formal” program, can SBA help me work on individual health goals in 2022?

Yes! We encourage you to work on your individual healthy behavior goals to achieve better health while SBA is on a break. There is no registration process. Simply go to: and select between 1 and 3 goals to work on during 2022. Then, monitor your progress with the provided Health Tracker (link is coming soon!). You can even add your own health goals during the year when the time is right for you. SBA’s favorite health tips are available at to review and use to achieve your selected goals.

I’ve been a coordinator in the past, what can I do now to keep my organization and community engaged with healthy behaviors in 2022?

As a coordinator, you can continue to help your organization and community promote healthier lifestyles and encourage your employees and community members to be physically active, eat healthfully, reduce stress, and screen time, and get adequate sleep. We also encourage you to create supportive environments to promote healthy living. To help keep wellness programs going at your worksite and in your community while SBA takes a break, go to (link to Wellness Programs tab) for useful resources.

Does SBA have social media sites to connect with others?

Having the support of a buddy and/or good support system can help you better achieve your goals of adopting healthier behaviors. SBA has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube where you can connect with others who are working on similar goals.

Will SBA be offered in 2023?

Stay tuned – SBA will be sharing plans for future years later in 2022.

Who should I contact if I have questions or suggestions for SBA?

SBA is seeking your input as we decide which direction will be taken for future program. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please contact us at

About Us

Scale Back Alabama (SBA) is a free, statewide wellness program for adults, ages 18 or older, who live in Alabama or work for an Alabama based organization. It is designed to encourage Alabamians to get healthy and have fun while doing it.

Scale Back Alabama is designed to address the state’s challenge with obesity; however, we caution individuals to check with their health care provider before beginning a new exercise or diet regimen.