Health Experts – Scale Back Alabama

2018 Health Experts

These professionals will share their expertise in behavior change, inclusive physical fitness, nutrition, and weight management with Scale Back Alabama participants. The challenge and its participants will benefit greatly from the advice of these local health experts.

Chad Ard

Chad Ard

Physical Education Specialist, Walker County Board of Education

Chad received his Bachelor of Science in Christian Education from Lee University, and his Master’s of Arts in Classroom Teaching with a concentration in Physical Education from Lee University.

He is presently employed as the Physical Education Specialist for the Walker County Schools District.  Chad serves as a resource in the area of Adapted Physical Education and Elementary Physical Education for the students and teachers of the school district.  He is actively involved in various groups and committees to help further opportunities in physical activity, health, and wellness.  Chad is devoted to encouragement and advocacy of inclusive opportunities for all for a healthier, better tomorrow.

He is the husband of Andrea Ard (his anchor and best friend), and the grateful father of three beautiful children (Noah, Zoe, and Malachi).

Kevin Ready

Kevin Ready

Program Manager, Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center

Kevin received his Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from The University of Alabama.

As manager of one of Huntsville Hospital’s Wellness Centers, he has contributed to the development of several hospital and community health initiatives including the City of Huntsville’s Healthy Huntsville program, a partnership of organizations with the mission to reduce obesity through healthy eating and active lifestyles.

In his career he has also served for 20+ years in the wellness and sports medicine fields as a manager, personal trainer, and Certified Athletic Trainer.

Outside of work Kevin enjoys family activities with his wife Susan and son Cameron.


Julia Sosa

Julia Sosa

Ms. Sosa is the past Assistant Director of the Office of Minority Health in the Bureau of Professional Support Services in the Alabama Department of Public Health.  In this capacity, she facilitated dialogue between community based groups and public and private health providers in order to establish linkages for effective health care systems.

She assessed the cultural competence of Department program policies, their potential for reducing health disparities, and their ability to increase health care accessibility.

Ms. Sosa also traveled throughout the state to educate health officials on the needs of the state’s growing Hispanic population, and to teach new immigrants about Alabama’s health care system.