Health Tips – Scale Back Alabama

2018 Health Tips

Note: The 2018 Weekly Health Tips will be added each Monday starting Monday, January 29, 2018. These health tips can help you achieve success in Scale Back Alabama. They are also useful all year long as you work to lead a healthier lifestyle. Be sure to check out Resources for information and tips on staying active and eating well.

Week 1 Health Tip

(January 29 – February 4)
Let’s Go

Week 3 Health Tip

(February 12-18)
Move More

Week 5 Health Tip

(February 26 – March 4)
Read the Nutrition Label

Week 7 Health Tip

(March 12-18)
Healthy Snacking 

Week 9 Health Tip

(March 26 – April 1)
Stay Hydrated

Week 2 Health Tip

(February 5-11)
Make the Switch

Week 4 Health Tip

(February 19-25)
Plan Ahead

Week 6 Health Tip

(March 5-11)
Stay Positive

Week 8 Health Tip

(March 19-25)
Manage Stress

Week 10 BONUS Health Tip

(April 2-8)
Share Your Journey