Health Tips – Scale Back Alabama

2017 Health Tips

These health tips can help you achieve success in Scale Back Alabama. They are also useful all year long as you work to lead a healthier lifestyle. Be sure to check out Resources for information and tips on staying active and eating well.

Week 1 Health Tip

(January 23-29)
Set SMART Goal

Week 3 Health Tip

(February 6-12)
“Eat a Rainbow”

Week 5 Health Tip

(February 20-26)
Plan Your Meal

Week 7 Health Tip

(March 6-12)
Sleep Well

Bonus Health Tip

(March 20-26)
Create Your Social Support System

Week 2 Health Tip

(January 30 – February 5)
Exercise – Be FITT

Week 4 Health Tip

(February 13-19)
Drink Water

Week 6 Health Tip

(February 27 – March 5)
Practice Portion Control

Week 8 Health Tip

(March 13-19)
Make a Lifestyle Change