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Health Tips

Note: The 2017 Health Tips will be added starting January 23, 2017.

These health tips can help you achieve success in Scale Back Alabama. They are also useful all year long as you work to lead a healthier lifestyle. Be sure to check out Resources for information and tips on staying active and eating well.

Week 1 Health Tip

(January 23-29)
Set SMART Goal
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Week 3 Health Tip

(February 6-12)
“Eat a Rainbow”
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Week 5 Health Tip

(February 20-26)
Plan Your Meal
*Coming Soon*

Week 7 Health Tip

(March 6-12)
Sleep Well
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Bonus Health Tip

(March 20-26)
Create Your Social Support System
*Coming Soon*

Week 2 Health Tip

(January 30 – February 5)
Exercise – Be FITT
*Coming Soon*

Week 4 Health Tip

(February 13-19)
Drink Water
*Coming Soon*

Week 6 Health Tip

(February 27 – March 5)
Practice Portion Control
*Coming Soon*

Week 8 Health Tip

(March 13-19)
Make a Lifestyle Change
*Coming Soon*