Past Winners – Scale Back Alabama

2017 Individual Winners

  • Reginald Shamburger from Alabaster, AL
  • Charles Blaylock of “Team Heavy Metal” from Huntsville, AL
  • Tiffany Evans from Hanceville, AL
  • David Rumney of “Waisting Away!” from Redstone Arsenal
  • Misti Nims of “Dwindling Divas” from Brewton, AL
  • Penny Robinson of “Taking It Back” from Opp, Al
  • Julian Sykes of “2 fat guys” from Coker, AL
  • Eric Enchelmayer of “Alabama Rebels” from Huntsville, AL
  • Mitchell Brown from Gardendale, AL
  • Trey Williams of “Williams Weight Loss Warriors” from Haleyville, AL
  • Jason Rouse of “Fatman and Blobbin” from Empire, AL
  • Karen Leonard of “Faith Giants” from Rockford, AL
  • Patti Marsh of “sneaky pete” from Hoover, AL
  • Johnny Maroney from Albertville, AL
  • Debbie Zeiger of “FLAB-U-LESS” from Huntsville, AL
  • Debbie Beverly of “FLAB-U-LESS” from Georgiana, AL
  • Jennifer Thompson of “Team 3.T” from Huntsville, AL
  • Eric Halverson of “big boys” from Opelika, AL
  • Debra Ewing of “FLAB-U-LESS” from Perdido Beach
  • Kevin Topping of “Clover Conquest” from Phenix City, AL
  • Angela Blackmon of “Gut Busters” from Stapleton, AL
  • Edwin Bullard of “Crimson Leprechauns” from Vestavia, AL
  • Joe Kacmarynski of “Skippy” from Birmingham, AL
  • JB Little of “Two Crazy Jokers” from Harvest, AL
  • Brandon Hughes of “LOGISTICAL LANDSLIDE” from Ocean Springs, AL
  • Colin Anderson of “The Andersons” from Birmingham, AL
  • Cynthia Green of “Karnes Kutie Buns” from Red Bay, AL
  • Steve Thomas of “The Winners” from Tallassee, AL
  • Beth Nelson of “FLAB-U-LESS” from Dadeville, AL
  • Deborah Frazier of “Busy Grandmas” from Deatsville, AL
  • Conswalia Phillips of “Team Angels” from Talladega, AL
  • Natalie Clements from Mt. Olive, AL
  • Savanna Hubbard of “Happy Heifers” from Oxford, AL
  • Austin Gray of “FLAB-U-LESS” from Decatur, AL
  • Chris Leamon of “WWS (We Will Survive)” from Pinson, AL
  • Allyson Holland of “Touch Dat Thang Fo!” from Montgomery, AL
  • Taunya Thomas of “Mind Over Matter” from Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Lena Carroll of “G.L.A.M. #2” from Rainbow City, AL
  • Vickie Spivey of “Honey Bees” from Tallassee, AL

2017 Team Winners

1st Place ($1,000 Each)

  • “Hog Snatchers” (Tallassee, AL)
  • “JP Weis” (Madison, AL)
  • Bridgett Brantley & Heather Bryan (Andalusia, AL)

2nd Place ($500 Each)

  • “2 Walking Women” (Birmingham, AL)
  • “Net Loss” (Mobile, AL)
  • “Fit 2 Figure” (Trussville, AL)

3rd Place ($250 Each)

  • “Bobo Fatt and Chubbacca” (Huntsville, AL)
  • “Thought I Told Ya” (Montgomery, AL)
  • “MR Scalers” (Decatur, AL)

2016 Individual Winners

  • Robyn Rucker of “Sassy by Summer” from Deatsville, AL
  • Alycia Townsend of “Campsend” from Madison, AL
  • Russell Elebash of “Thinning the Herd” from Montgomery, AL
  • Paula Walker from Cullman, AL
  • Peter Combs of “Team Fit 4 Life” from Hampton Cove, AL
  • Roberts Dale of “Losing It @ SSI” from Mobile, AL
  • Stanley Bobo of “Inches to Give” from Montgomery, AL
  • Lee Anne Hall of “Lee Losers” from Columbiana, AL
  • Marvin Carter II of “Sanford & Son” from Birmingham, AL
  • Rhonda Swoopes of “The Crimson Ladies of River City Rehab” from Decatur, AL
  • Melody Glenn of “The Equitable Adjustments” from Mobile, AL
  • Marquetta Whigham of “Flab-U-Less” from Athens, AL
  • Joy Ruffin of “The Full Moon Pies” from Mobile, AL
  • David Conely of “Slim Chance” from Montgomery, AL
  • Lance Dixson of “The Fatstreet Boys” from Rainsville, AL
  • Amey Blackmon of “Pounds Down” from Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Kanetra Smart of “Petty Bettys” from Madison, AL
  • Chris White of “Going Hungry” from Bessemer, AL
  • Shaketia Shappard of “Cruisin’ for Losin'” from Hayneville, AL
  • Mac Griffin from Helena, AL
  • Alanna McCafferty of “Aladdy” from Mobile, AL
  • Stuart Williams of “Vandeleigh” from Birmingham, AL
  • Bobbie Barton of “Material Girl” from Auburn, AL
  • Andree’ Houston of “Houston-ites” from Montgomery, AL
  • Scott Romero from Madison, AL
  • Kristin Ivy of “Double Trouble” from Birmingham, AL
  • Pretressia Hare of “Faithful” from Fort Deposit, AL
  • Sherry Ragan of “Fitness Felines” from Gadsden, AL
  • Ross Williams of “Mission Possible” from Clanton, AL
  • Tonya Roverson from Vincent, AL
  • Noe Romero from Athens, AL
  • Gene Holcomb of “FMO” from Coker, AL
  • Kimberly Gaines of “Thru Thick and Thin” from Huntsville, AL
  • Michael Cork from Birmingham, AL
  • Mischa Mutschler of “Tuscaloosa Giants” from Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Harvery Nelson of “Two Thin” from Opelika, AL
  • Mike Schulz from Mobile, AL
  • Erica Martin of “CREAM (Calories Rule Everything Around Me)” from Childersburg, AL
  • Kimberly Powell of “SlimJims” from Selma, AL
  • Ashley Beck of “FitTastic RADS” from Valley, AL

2016 Team Winners

1st Place ($1,000 Each)

  • “The Adventures of Mad & Sad” (Troy, AL)
  • “Plunging Waist Lines” (Athens, AL)
  • “Scale Mess” (Florence, AL)

2nd Place ($500 Each)

  • “PT&N” (Spanish Fort, AL)
  • “Thin It 2 Win It” (Vernon, AL)
  • “Hungry Too” (Ashford, AL)

3rd Place ($250 Each)

  • “Tons of Buns” (Tuscaloosa, AL)
  • “The Hunger Games” (Geneva, AL)
  • “Lab Rats” (Montgomery, AL)

2015 Individual Winners

  • Jason Hill of “No excuses” from Vincent, AL
  • Amanda Jenkins from Gilbertown, AL
  • Cindy Andrews of “The Scape Goats #2” from Mobile, AL
  • Anthony Shelton of “Fear the Engineer” from Hoover, AL
  • Desiree Dick of “The Fat and the Furious” from Prattville, AL
  • Fernel Pendleton of “BePe” from Grove Hill, AL
  • Chakira Little of “C&C: Scale Back BUDS” from Birmingham, AL
  • Mike Flowers of “Flower Power” from Northport, AL
  • Lori Curlee of “Mr. and Mrs. Weigh-less” from Maylene, AL
  • Robyn Meadows of “B/R Reds” from Foley, AL
  • Eric Holsomback of “Band of Eric” from Homewood, AL
  • Darren Baucum of “Steel Bears from Ardmore, AL
  • David Hutchens of “Waist Removal from Decatur, AL
  • Stacey Miller of “Thin It to Win It from Decatur, AL
  • Linda McGough of “Walk It Off” from Jasper, AL
  • Alice Sutherlin from Muscle Shoals, AL
  • Towandra Slaughter of “Lalapaloosers” from Bessemer, AL
  • Joshua Brantley of “We Can” from Dothan, AL
  • Rogers Willoughby of “The Will-O-Bee’s” from Bessemer, AL
  • Chris Hindsman of “Mr. and Mrs. Awesome” from Jacksonville, AL
  • Tennille Ball from Birmingham, AL
  • Don Hodges of “Dawes Duo” from Mobile, AL
  • Patricia Pitts from Wilsonville, AL
  • Kimberly Hardee from Madison, AL
  • Lori Handley of “Shweet n’ Lo” from Huntsville, AL
  • Vikki Pierson of “Norwood & Pierson” from Bessemer, AL
  • Jenny Ferguson of “Baby Weight Be Gone” from Auburn, AL
  • Charles Bigham of “The Receding Waistlines” from Fayette, AL
  • Evan McKinley of “McKinley’s Making it Happen” from Alabaster, AL
  • Joann Gamble of “Dream Team” from Eufaula, AL
  • Bethany Gore from Northport, AL
  • Jason Jimmerson of “Holy Moley” from Northport, AL
  • Angela Burris from Fayette, AL
  • Laketra Wilkins of “Divas on a Mission” from Aliceville, AL
  • Gwendolyn Shaver of “Divas” from Lafayette, AL
  • Chiquita Goldthwaite from Birmingham, AL
  • Ryan Zimlich of “Fat Assassins” from Mobile, AL
  • Ellen Keith of “We don’t care” from Birmingham, AL
  • Sonja Smith of “Thinit to Winit” from Huntsville, AL
  • Jennifer Precise of “Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me” from Birmingham, AL

2015 Team Winners

1st Place

  • “Toonies” – Peter Wood and Jodi Wood from Mobile, AL
  • “Rockwell 3” – Laurie Kilborn and Renel Spell from Spanish Fort, AL
  • Robert Marion and Micah DiGrezio from Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL

2nd Place

  • “i don’t know” – Jeremy Tidwell and Shaun Lee from Gardendale, AL
  • “Lean Greenes” – Heather Greene and Pam Greene from Gadsden, AL
  • Angie Bragwell and Kristie Barnes from Florence, AL

3rd Place

  • “Tiny Thinking Trojans” – Alaine Perdue and Mary Moorer from Daphne, AL
  •  “No Name New Life Gals” – Debra Williamson and Nikki Rickard from Florence, AL
  •  “The Honey Cups” – Lynette Hamilton and Joyce Steveson from Vincent, AL

2014 Team Winners

Congratulations to the 2014 Scale Back Alabama Grand Prize Winners!

1st Place
“Southern Boys Buffet Mafia” – City of Huntsville, Madison County
Captain: Dwight Gaught
Team Members: John Copeland, David Williams IV, Chris Hammond

2nd Place
“Heavy Fire” – City of Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County
Captain: Shawn Morrow
Team Members: Jeffrey Woods, Chad Smith, Jeremy Harbin

3rd Place
“Adipose Annihilators” – Fort Payne High School, DeKalb County
Captain: J. Jennings
Team Members: A. Wells, L. Everett, P. Arnold