Past Winners – Scale Back Alabama

2018 Individual Winners

  • Tasha Blue of “NO TAX BREAKS” from Selma
  • Samantha Bradley of “Waisted Away” from Andalusia
  • Casie Simmons of “#ineedchocolate” from Leighton
  • Annette Lambert of Mobile
  • Sharon Gaither of “The Sharon’s” from Ashland
  • Santina Johnson of “Smartie Pants” from Mobile
  • Nathan Williams from Lincoln
  • Elizabeth Tate of “Losing my Rump” from Luverne
  • Carrie Strickland of “Back in stride again” from Opelika
  • Kelly Floyd of “Big Booty Judies” from Prattville
  • Christen Thompson of “Take Off” from Scottsboro
  • Lawana Sharp of “FAB OVER FORTY” from Birmingham
  • Adriana Collette of “Doing Better this Time; Right Adriana?” from Spanish Fort
  • Katie Peek of “Mind over Fatter” from Elberta
  • Ursula Crosby of “Double Deuces” from Opp
  • Berlinda Bowers of “Bowers Girls” from Coy
  • Betty Madison from Monroeville
  • Tiffany Odom of “Winners” from Haleyville
  • Kim Sink from Belmont
  • Brad Cook of “Buttered Biscuits” from Auburn
  • Bruce Edwards of “Team Get Fit” from Birmingham
  • Diana Everet of “change 2018” from Mobile
  • Bill Cates from Tuscaloosa
  • Sandra Chambers from Athens
  • Sharon Tolliver of “#s” from Scottsboro
  • Robin Covington of “Heart Pumpers” from Mobile
  • Peggy Farr of “Waste Away” from Lanett
  • Virginia Cooper of “losersRwinners” from Jasper
  • Nate Willmon from Helena
  • Minnie Beamon of “Back Again” from Montgomery
  • Dianne Naler of “Try A Little Slenderness” from Alexander City
  • Wesley McDowell of “The Best Team” from Trussville
  • Jonathan Finch of “Belly Busters!” from Auburn
  • Terry Denny of “Net Loss” from Birmingham
  • Margarita Maksotskay of “iTigers” from Auburn
  • Maria Ledesma of “Fab-u-LESS” from Huntsville
  • Jacqueline Lilly of “Downsizing Divas” from Calera
  • Chante Hudson of “Lean Queens” from Auburn
  • Adrian Adams of “Pad Crew AKA The A Team” from Mobile
  • Justin Bond of “Losers” from Montgomery

2018 Team Winners

1st Place ($1,000 Each)

2nd Place ($500 Each)

  • “Tim & Drake’s Most Excellent Adventure” (Hoover, AL)
  • “Deacon Blues” (Gadsden, AL)
  • Whitney Lowrey and Sharon Owens (Monroeville, AL)

3rd Place ($250 Each)

  • “Waist-A-Weighs” (Red Bay, AL)
  • “Starvin Marvin” (Florence, AL)
  • “Double Trouble” (Tarrant, AL)

2017 Individual Winners

  • Reginald Shamburger from Alabaster, AL
  • Charles Blaylock of “Team Heavy Metal” from Huntsville, AL
  • Tiffany Evans from Hanceville, AL
  • David Rumney of “Waisting Away!” from Redstone Arsenal
  • Misti Nims of “Dwindling Divas” from Brewton, AL
  • Penny Robinson of “Taking It Back” from Opp, Al
  • Julian Sykes of “2 fat guys” from Coker, AL
  • Eric Enchelmayer of “Alabama Rebels” from Huntsville, AL
  • Mitchell Brown from Gardendale, AL
  • Trey Williams of “Williams Weight Loss Warriors” from Haleyville, AL
  • Jason Rouse of “Fatman and Blobbin” from Empire, AL
  • Karen Leonard of “Faith Giants” from Rockford, AL
  • Patti Marsh of “sneaky pete” from Hoover, AL
  • Johnny Maroney from Albertville, AL
  • Debbie Zeiger of “FLAB-U-LESS” from Huntsville, AL
  • Debbie Beverly of “FLAB-U-LESS” from Georgiana, AL
  • Jennifer Thompson of “Team 3.T” from Huntsville, AL
  • Eric Halverson of “big boys” from Opelika, AL
  • Debra Ewing of “FLAB-U-LESS” from Perdido Beach
  • Kevin Topping of “Clover Conquest” from Phenix City, AL
  • Angela Blackmon of “Gut Busters” from Stapleton, AL
  • Edwin Bullard of “Crimson Leprechauns” from Vestavia, AL
  • Joe Kacmarynski of “Skippy” from Birmingham, AL
  • JB Little of “Two Crazy Jokers” from Harvest, AL
  • Brandon Hughes of “LOGISTICAL LANDSLIDE” from Ocean Springs, AL
  • Colin Anderson of “The Andersons” from Birmingham, AL
  • Cynthia Green of “Karnes Kutie Buns” from Red Bay, AL
  • Steve Thomas of “The Winners” from Tallassee, AL
  • Beth Nelson of “FLAB-U-LESS” from Dadeville, AL
  • Deborah Frazier of “Busy Grandmas” from Deatsville, AL
  • Conswalia Phillips of “Team Angels” from Talladega, AL
  • Natalie Clements from Mt. Olive, AL
  • Savanna Hubbard of “Happy Heifers” from Oxford, AL
  • Austin Gray of “FLAB-U-LESS” from Decatur, AL
  • Chris Leamon of “WWS (We Will Survive)” from Pinson, AL
  • Allyson Holland of “Touch Dat Thang Fo!” from Montgomery, AL
  • Taunya Thomas of “Mind Over Matter” from Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Lena Carroll of “G.L.A.M. #2” from Rainbow City, AL
  • Vickie Spivey of “Honey Bees” from Tallassee, AL

2017 Team Winners

1st Place ($1,000 Each)

  • “Hog Snatchers” (Tallassee, AL)
  • “JP Weis” (Madison, AL)
  • Bridgett Brantley & Heather Bryan (Andalusia, AL)

2nd Place ($500 Each)

  • “2 Walking Women” (Birmingham, AL)
  • “Net Loss” (Mobile, AL)
  • “Fit 2 Figure” (Trussville, AL)

3rd Place ($250 Each)

  • “Bobo Fatt and Chubbacca” (Huntsville, AL)
  • “Thought I Told Ya” (Montgomery, AL)
  • “MR Scalers” (Decatur, AL)

2016 Individual Winners

  • Robyn Rucker of “Sassy by Summer” from Deatsville, AL
  • Alycia Townsend of “Campsend” from Madison, AL
  • Russell Elebash of “Thinning the Herd” from Montgomery, AL
  • Paula Walker from Cullman, AL
  • Peter Combs of “Team Fit 4 Life” from Hampton Cove, AL
  • Roberts Dale of “Losing It @ SSI” from Mobile, AL
  • Stanley Bobo of “Inches to Give” from Montgomery, AL
  • Lee Anne Hall of “Lee Losers” from Columbiana, AL
  • Marvin Carter II of “Sanford & Son” from Birmingham, AL
  • Rhonda Swoopes of “The Crimson Ladies of River City Rehab” from Decatur, AL
  • Melody Glenn of “The Equitable Adjustments” from Mobile, AL
  • Marquetta Whigham of “Flab-U-Less” from Athens, AL
  • Joy Ruffin of “The Full Moon Pies” from Mobile, AL
  • David Conely of “Slim Chance” from Montgomery, AL
  • Lance Dixson of “The Fatstreet Boys” from Rainsville, AL
  • Amey Blackmon of “Pounds Down” from Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Kanetra Smart of “Petty Bettys” from Madison, AL
  • Chris White of “Going Hungry” from Bessemer, AL
  • Shaketia Shappard of “Cruisin’ for Losin'” from Hayneville, AL
  • Mac Griffin from Helena, AL
  • Alanna McCafferty of “Aladdy” from Mobile, AL
  • Stuart Williams of “Vandeleigh” from Birmingham, AL
  • Bobbie Barton of “Material Girl” from Auburn, AL
  • Andree’ Houston of “Houston-ites” from Montgomery, AL
  • Scott Romero from Madison, AL
  • Kristin Ivy of “Double Trouble” from Birmingham, AL
  • Pretressia Hare of “Faithful” from Fort Deposit, AL
  • Sherry Ragan of “Fitness Felines” from Gadsden, AL
  • Ross Williams of “Mission Possible” from Clanton, AL
  • Tonya Roverson from Vincent, AL
  • Noe Romero from Athens, AL
  • Gene Holcomb of “FMO” from Coker, AL
  • Kimberly Gaines of “Thru Thick and Thin” from Huntsville, AL
  • Michael Cork from Birmingham, AL
  • Mischa Mutschler of “Tuscaloosa Giants” from Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Harvery Nelson of “Two Thin” from Opelika, AL
  • Mike Schulz from Mobile, AL
  • Erica Martin of “CREAM (Calories Rule Everything Around Me)” from Childersburg, AL
  • Kimberly Powell of “SlimJims” from Selma, AL
  • Ashley Beck of “FitTastic RADS” from Valley, AL

2016 Team Winners

1st Place ($1,000 Each)

  • “The Adventures of Mad & Sad” (Troy, AL)
  • “Plunging Waist Lines” (Athens, AL)
  • “Scale Mess” (Florence, AL)

2nd Place ($500 Each)

  • “PT&N” (Spanish Fort, AL)
  • “Thin It 2 Win It” (Vernon, AL)
  • “Hungry Too” (Ashford, AL)

3rd Place ($250 Each)

  • “Tons of Buns” (Tuscaloosa, AL)
  • “The Hunger Games” (Geneva, AL)
  • “Lab Rats” (Montgomery, AL)

2015 Individual Winners

  • Jason Hill of “No excuses” from Vincent, AL
  • Amanda Jenkins from Gilbertown, AL
  • Cindy Andrews of “The Scape Goats #2” from Mobile, AL
  • Anthony Shelton of “Fear the Engineer” from Hoover, AL
  • Desiree Dick of “The Fat and the Furious” from Prattville, AL
  • Fernel Pendleton of “BePe” from Grove Hill, AL
  • Chakira Little of “C&C: Scale Back BUDS” from Birmingham, AL
  • Mike Flowers of “Flower Power” from Northport, AL
  • Lori Curlee of “Mr. and Mrs. Weigh-less” from Maylene, AL
  • Robyn Meadows of “B/R Reds” from Foley, AL
  • Eric Holsomback of “Band of Eric” from Homewood, AL
  • Darren Baucum of “Steel Bears from Ardmore, AL
  • David Hutchens of “Waist Removal from Decatur, AL
  • Stacey Miller of “Thin It to Win It from Decatur, AL
  • Linda McGough of “Walk It Off” from Jasper, AL
  • Alice Sutherlin from Muscle Shoals, AL
  • Towandra Slaughter of “Lalapaloosers” from Bessemer, AL
  • Joshua Brantley of “We Can” from Dothan, AL
  • Rogers Willoughby of “The Will-O-Bee’s” from Bessemer, AL
  • Chris Hindsman of “Mr. and Mrs. Awesome” from Jacksonville, AL
  • Tennille Ball from Birmingham, AL
  • Don Hodges of “Dawes Duo” from Mobile, AL
  • Patricia Pitts from Wilsonville, AL
  • Kimberly Hardee from Madison, AL
  • Lori Handley of “Shweet n’ Lo” from Huntsville, AL
  • Vikki Pierson of “Norwood & Pierson” from Bessemer, AL
  • Jenny Ferguson of “Baby Weight Be Gone” from Auburn, AL
  • Charles Bigham of “The Receding Waistlines” from Fayette, AL
  • Evan McKinley of “McKinley’s Making it Happen” from Alabaster, AL
  • Joann Gamble of “Dream Team” from Eufaula, AL
  • Bethany Gore from Northport, AL
  • Jason Jimmerson of “Holy Moley” from Northport, AL
  • Angela Burris from Fayette, AL
  • Laketra Wilkins of “Divas on a Mission” from Aliceville, AL
  • Gwendolyn Shaver of “Divas” from Lafayette, AL
  • Chiquita Goldthwaite from Birmingham, AL
  • Ryan Zimlich of “Fat Assassins” from Mobile, AL
  • Ellen Keith of “We don’t care” from Birmingham, AL
  • Sonja Smith of “Thinit to Winit” from Huntsville, AL
  • Jennifer Precise of “Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me” from Birmingham, AL

2015 Team Winners

1st Place

  • “Toonies” – Peter Wood and Jodi Wood from Mobile, AL
  • “Rockwell 3” – Laurie Kilborn and Renel Spell from Spanish Fort, AL
  • Robert Marion and Micah DiGrezio from Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL

2nd Place

  • “i don’t know” – Jeremy Tidwell and Shaun Lee from Gardendale, AL
  • “Lean Greenes” – Heather Greene and Pam Greene from Gadsden, AL
  • Angie Bragwell and Kristie Barnes from Florence, AL

3rd Place

  • “Tiny Thinking Trojans” – Alaine Perdue and Mary Moorer from Daphne, AL
  •  “No Name New Life Gals” – Debra Williamson and Nikki Rickard from Florence, AL
  •  “The Honey Cups” – Lynette Hamilton and Joyce Steveson from Vincent, AL

2014 Team Winners

    Congratulations to the 2014 Scale Back Alabama Grand Prize Winners!

1st Place

    “Southern Boys Buffet Mafia” – City of Huntsville, Madison County Captain: Dwight Gaught Team Members: John Copeland, David Williams IV, Chris Hammond

2nd Place

    “Heavy Fire” – City of Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County Captain: Shawn Morrow Team Members: Jeffrey Woods, Chad Smith, Jeremy Harbin

3rd Place

    “Adipose Annihilators” – Fort Payne High School, DeKalb County Captain: J. Jennings Team Members: A. Wells, L. Everett, P. Arnold

About Us

Scale Back Alabama (SBA) is a free statewide weight-loss campaign designed to encourage Alabamians to get healthy and to have fun while doing it. Since the first challenge in 2007, Alabamians have lost more than one million pounds!

Scale Back Alabama is designed to address the state’s challenge with obesity; however, we caution individuals to check with their health care provider before beginning a new exercise or diet regimen.