2021 Goals Prizes

At the beginning of the program each participant will set one to three goals to work on each week. The goals cannot be changed once set and will remain the same throughout the program. Each week that a participant reaches his or her goal, that participant’s name will be entered into a drawing that will take place after the 10-week program. If the participant reaches his or her goal eight out of ten weeks, then that participant’s name will be entered into the drawing eight times. Participant names can only be entered into the drawing one time each week, even if that participant met more than one goal that week.

2021 Challenge Prizes

In addition to the personalized goals set by the participant, each Scale Back Alabama participant will have the option to participate in program-wide weekly challenge. Participants that complete each week’s challenge will be entered into a prize for that week. Participants are only eligible to win one weekly challenge prize.

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    About Us

    Scale Back Alabama (SBA) is a free, statewide wellness program for adults, ages 18 or older, who live in Alabama or work for an Alabama based organization. It is designed to encourage Alabamians to get healthy and have fun while doing it.

    Scale Back Alabama is designed to address the state’s challenge with obesity; however, we caution individuals to check with their health care provider before beginning a new exercise or diet regimen.