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coordinatorsCoordinators Wanted

Scale Back Alabama is dependent on local businesses, churches, gyms and other community organizations to serve as official weigh-in sites. We hope your organization will participate. Learn more by viewing our Coordinator Invite!

What does a weigh-in site do?

There are two types of weigh-in sites: a private site where you would only weigh your own employees or members; and a public site, which is open to anyone in your community (we always need plenty of these!). Here are the basic responsibilities for both:

  • Promote the weigh-in in January and weigh-out in April ahead of time, using online promotional materials and free posters you can download from the Scale Back Alabama website. Dates, times and locations of public weigh-in sites are listed on the website; private sites promote their own weigh-in dates and times.
  • Provide confidential weigh-ins during the week of January 20-26 and weigh-outs the week of April 6-12. You can designate the days and hours you will weigh participants as long as the times are within the designated weigh-in/weigh-out weeks.
  • Enter the participant weights into the Scale Back Alabama database – we’ll provide the link after both the weigh-in week and the weigh-out week. It’s easy to do!

Is my organization eligible to be a weigh-in site?

Any organization is eligible to participate so long as:

  • It agrees to fulfill the responsibilities listed above.
  • It is located in the state of Alabama.
  • It plans to recruit at least 3 teams of 2 and hopefully many more!

Will I have support?

Everything you need to run a successful local weigh-in site and promote the contest is included in the weigh-in site coordinator toolkit, including fact sheets, promotional emails, suggested activities, team registration forms and much more.

Ready to sign up to be a coordinator?

Send an email to Once we get your email, we’ll forward you the link to go online and register. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Your name and contact information (email and phone).
  • Your organization’s name.

After you register you will have access to resources, including our coordinator training and planning toolkit. (Don’t forget to include “” in your email pass list so you can get our emails).

About Us

Scale Back Alabama (SBA) is a free statewide weight-loss campaign designed to encourage Alabamians to get healthy and to have fun while doing it. Since the first challenge in 2007, Alabamians have lost more than one million pounds!

Scale Back Alabama is designed to address the state’s challenge with obesity; however, we caution individuals to check with their health care provider before beginning a new exercise or diet regimen.